Second Self NFT Collection
second self NFT collection

the mission

The Mission of the Second Self NFT project is to fund a premium quality anime series, supporting Anime artists with living wages and more opportunities to share their quality work.

Anime creators are passionate artists and it has been known that some studios can take advantage of this. Artists spend countless hours on their creations and are often not rewarded adequately for their work.

Milestone is done
// milestone 1
Honorary Minting Begins

Honorary Second Self NFTs have been created for promotions, spreading awareness, and giveaways. These NFTs are not from the main collection & don’t provide the same perks as the main 8888 but still have value, are unique and will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

These NFTs will be shared with those that support the Second Self project and other competition winners.

Milestone is done
// milestone 2
Teaser production started

200/2000 NFTs sold

  • Second Self Anime teaser trailer in production.
  • January Production Started.
  • February Release of Trailer.
  • Partnership opportunity with a Sandbox
    or Decentraland venueQ&A Panels.
  • Metaverse Premiere & Gathering for NFT holders.
  • Start running the OC creation for early NFT holders.
  • Designed by professional anime industry artists.
  • Early submissions will get their character
    as a Second Self background extra.
Milestone is done
// milestone 3
Series Pre-production and Ep 1 Starts Production

2000/8888 NFTs sold

  • Series Pre-Production Started
  • Episode 1 Production Started
  • Start the OC (Original Character) Creation contest
    for 250 more people.
  • Winners will get their OCs added to the Second Self series.
Milestone is done
// milestone 4
Ep 2 Starts Production

2500/8888 NFTs sold

  • Episode 2 Production Started.
Milestone is done
// milestone 5 / 50% Minted
Ep 3 Starts Production

4444/8888 NFTs sold

  • Episode 3 Production Started
  • Through the use of Snapshot, there will be a formation of character DAOs (Jack DAO, Sara DAO, Ryu DAO, Ava DAO, and Henry DAO) enabling holders access to their respective DAO. This will unlock decision making power on merch development and decision making within the series.
  • DAO governance for the 250 background characters will be made for the series. Which will include a voting system where votes will be distributed 1:1 with Second Self NFTs. Ideas such as derivative collections, background stories, brands, and merch could be developed using the community created characters.
Milestone in progress
// milestone 6
Ep 4 Starts Production

6500/8888 NFTs sold

  • Episode 4 Production Started.
Milestone in progress
// milestone 7
Ep 5 Starts Production

8000/8888 NFTs sold

  • Episode 5 Production Started.
Milestone in progress
// milestone 8
Ep 6 Starts Production

8888/8888 NFTs sold

  • Episode 6 Production Started.

These roadmap milestones are subject to change depending on other revenue sources and partnerships being identified.

Episode Production durations

Quality Anime Production is a long term process and we feel it is important that our community know and understand this. The Second Self team are committed to this process for the long term and have identified a number of opportunities to engage our community whilst production is occurring.

  • Episode 1 & Series Pre Production: 1 Year
  • Episode 2: 6 months
  • Episode 3: 6 months
  • Episode 4: 6 months
  • Episode 5: 6 months
  • Episode 6: 6 months
Episode Premieres

Production will be simultaneous, so the series will start releasing monthly or bi-weekly approximately 1.5–2 years after production starts.

Episode premieres will be in a metaverse location and tokens will be generated for current NFT holders and partners to attend screenings, and participate in the surrounding events.

Community Engagement

We have shared with you above the timeline for Series Production and the current roadmap benchmarks we are working toward.

Here are some of the other community engagement projects on our roadmap.

Second Self Original Character CReation

We will reward early project supporters with the opportunity to create their own Original Character, utilizing the artists and designers at Tonari Animation, with the characters also participating as background characters in the Second Self Series.

Workshops, Events and AMAs

We are preparing a number of workshops and events for supporters of this project. An early workshop we are creating for our supporters is Anime Production 101.

We will host regular community AMAs with our founders, with artists and with other Special Guests. Keep an eye out on the Discord for when these events will happen.

Metaverse Anime Convention

We are working with partners and metaverse landholders to host a Metaverse Anime Convention with anime industry artists and professionals.

Merch Store

We will be releasing a range of character merchandise including t-shirts, prints, and plushies.

Metaverse Premieres & Anime Screenings

We will host Second Self Episode premieres in the metaverse for NFT holders before the episodes go public, as well as other metaverse anime events while production is ongoing.

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